Persuasive Reasons Why Every Homeowner Should Invest in Fibre Optic Cabling Installation

13 May 2021
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Internet technology has come a long way from dial-up connections. Over the years, solutions such as digital subscriber line (DSL), satellite and even cable internet were the staple in residences. However, when it comes to unsurpassed speeds, fibre optic internet has proven to be the superior option. Previously associated with commercial properties, more and more homeowners are realising the advantages that fibre optic internet offers when it comes to connecting their household to the world. Whether you have started working remotely, or you are an avid gamer, below are some persuasive reasons why you should invest in fibre optic cabling installation for your home.

Well-proportioned upload and download speeds

As mentioned above, fibre optic internet offers the fastest speeds when compared to the other internet connections available. Nonetheless what some people do not realise is that these speeds are asymmetrical. Unlike other internet connections that may offer average download speeds and dreadfully slow upload speeds, fibre optic internet ensures symmetry irrespective of what you are doing online. For instance, if you are streaming a show while sending high-definition videos through your computer, you will not notice any lagging on either front when utilising a fibre optic connection, which is a far cry from its DSL or cable counterparts.

Bolstered stability

The second reason why you should schedule fibre optic cabling installation is to take advantage of the enhanced stability that this type of internet connection offers. Although copper wiring has been the standard solution for years past, this option is highly susceptible to interference, more so during inclement weather. This is not a problem you have to worry about when you switch to fibre optic internet. The lines that this technology comprises are made out of glass, and this material has a higher resistance to interference than copper. The increased uptime that fibre optic internet offers is not only great for uninterrupted working, but your streaming experience will be top-notch, too.

Decreased delays

Professionally referred to as latency, this term refers to the delays that can occur when data is transmitted over long distances. While latency is not a major concern if you are using your internet connection to send emails, download files and so on, it can be a significant inconvenience for real-time engagements, for example, when attending a video conference, gaming live, video chatting with friends and so on. Fibre optic cabling is at a decreased threat of experiencing delays since it transmits data instantaneously, and this makes it a better solution when compared to other broadband options.

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