The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Smart LED Strip Lights for Your Home

15 June 2021
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Smart lighting comes with many benefits. You will enjoy unbeatable convenience, customisable control of your lighting, allowing you to set different moods for each activity in your home (reading, watching a movie, having a party, etc.), improved security, reduced energy consumption, and durability of bulbs. Many smart lighting options exist in the markets, which can make it quite challenging to find the perfect solution for your home. Options like smart or WiFi-controlled RGB LED strip lights are worth considering.  They are compact and flexible, making them ideal for virtually all places in your home. However, they come in many different models, and these quick tips will help you find the best for your home.

Figure Out Where You Want to Install the Lights

LED strip lights are versatile, and you can install them in almost every place in your home. However, for the best results, it always best to invest in models designed for the area you intend to use them. Therefore, start by determining whether you need them for indoor or outdoor use. The strip lights are generally classified as waterproof or weather- and non-weatherproof, and they come with different IP ratings. The rating determines the liquid pressure and solid size the strip can withstand. Strip lights designed for indoor use typically have a lower IP rating than their outdoor counterparts. Most indoor strip lights aren't water- or weatherproof, but you can find waterproof variants if you intend to use the lights in wet areas such as your bathroom and kitchen.

Choose the Ideal Strip Density

Strip density refers to the number of LEDs within a set area along the strip. Generally, the brightness of LED strip lights increases with density. Therefore, go for high-density strips if you want maximum brightness. Similarly, your intended use will guide you on the ideal strip density to choose. For instance, you probably won't need a high-density LED strip light for mood or accent lighting. However, you may consider the option for bedroom lighting, task lighting, or party lighting.

Think About the Colour Temperature

Colour temperature is equally essential when choosing smart LED strip lights for your home. Colour temperature will determine the light's appearance and it usually ranges from cool, warm, and neutral. Warm-tone LED strip lights tend to have a yellowish tinge while their cool-toned counterparts appear blue. In most cases, your choice will come down to personal preferences and what works best for your interior décor and taste.