Considerations When Choosing Business Storage

7 July 2022
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Storage space is essential for any business. Besides helping you declutter the office, storage units can also serve as mobile offices or offsite meeting rooms. Below is an extract detailing the considerations to make when renting or purchasing business storage units. 

Unit Size   

The unit size is a vital concern for any business looking for storage space. Typically, if you rent a smaller unit, you will have to bear the inconveniences of upgrading the unit after a few months. Moreover, accessing some of the items in storage could be challenging. So, how do you determine a suitable storage unit size? Start by creating an inventory of the items you intend to put in storage. Then, access the likelihood of adding items to the storage unit. For instance, you could store the office scooter in the storage unit during the winter months. How else do you plan to use the unit? For example, you could use it as an office or workshop. These assessments will help you determine the size of storage space you need. 

Type of Unit

Storage units can be broadly classified as onsite and offsite storage units. Offsite storage is located on the premises of a storage company. In most cases, the storage company will inquire if you need an outdoor or indoor unit. Outdoor units are placed in the open. Therefore, they are easily accessible. These units are your best choice if you plan to store bulky items in the storage unit. On the other hand, indoor units are inside a building. They are advantageous in that your items have some protection from harsh weather elements such as heat, cold, and rain. Therefore, you might not need climate control. 

Onsite storage could either be a portable storage container or storage shed. These units offer unmatched flexibility since you can easily access your items. Moreover, you can move the storage unit to a different location. When buying or renting onsite storage, the rule is to ensure you have sufficient space on your premises to place the unit. Besides, examine building and strata regulations to know whether you need a permit to place the unit on your premises. 

Buying vs. Renting

Your business needs will determine whether you should buy or rent the storage unit. Buying suits your long-term needs since you do not incur any monthly charges. Besides, you could modify the unit to suit your needs or rent it to other businesses when it is not in use. However, you will incur high costs as you buy the unit. Renting is convenient for companies that cannot afford a storage unit. Besides, renting ensures access to a wide variety of units since the storage company allows you to upgrade or downgrade the unit.